Saturday, June 15

A Little Pomp, A Little Circumstance...

Pomp: "stately or splendid display; splendor; magnificence"... (mosey on over to and listen to the pronunciation of pomp, I can't get enough, she really puts the emphasis on the final "p")!  
There is definitely a lot of pomp in my life lately between my surprise graduation party and the graduation I am planning for my kindergarteners!  If you've never had a surprise party, you should definitely consider subliminally planting that idea in someone's head ASAP.  My boyfriend convinced me we could never afford a graduation party, but then got all of my family and friends together at my favorite bar, bar 140, and COMPLETELY surprised me... I cried!  There was even a bloody mary bar... and a giant cheese cake! It was such an awesome night!!  Good thing I had bought a graduation head band a few weeks earlier... (thinking back, I wondered why Greg didn't question that nonsense purchase, haha).

I may or may not have walked out of the bar with all the balloons... and they may or may not have gotten stuck in the fan... only for a second!

Now my focus is on my movie themed kindergarten graduation!  I wanted to show you the completely adorable self portraits my class did of themselves in their caps and gowns!! These are definitely worthy of being on the cover of the yearbook I am making!!

I will be finishing up the yearbook and getting my decorations together this week! Super stressed, but also super excited!! Updates soon!

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