Wednesday, May 11

Permanent Mark-er!

Some people just leave a permanent mark on your life. In my last post I told you about how much I loved my long term sub position because of the students I got to spend my days with, but without my amazing co-workers, I know that my experience would not have been as meaningful. We shared, laughed, vented, and... did I mention we laughed?... A LOT this year! It's a wonderful feeling knowing you have a group of people to turn to that just get it! I know I will be a better teacher because of what they taught me this year. Hopefully you are lucky enough to have a support system to lean on at work as well.

So, how did I show them that I appreciated all their help this year? 

I made something with a pun, duh! 

I gave each teacher a set of three sharpies with this little note. I was also very excited for a chance to finally use my washi tape that I've been purchasing without a purpose (see Greg, I always figure out a way to use the things I buy)!

Whether you're a first year teacher, a student teacher, or a seasoned teacher that just wants to express their appreciation for their co-workers or mentors, you should grab this gift tag in my shop! This also fits sharpie thin pens and paint markers.

If you use this gift tag, I'd love to see your variation! 

Grab it here!

Tuesday, May 10

This Year Has Blown By...

get it? because bubbles... and a blow pop... and gum... hehe
Can you even believe that this school year is almost over? The year has definitely blown by quickly... even more quickly for me because my long term substitute position just ended last Friday. I can't say that I am excited about the position ending because I really miss my little first grade friends, especially since I was with them since September, but I can say that this position has made me a better teacher and has confirmed that I am meant to be in the classroom. Luckily I am tutoring in the same school, so I still get to see them!

So, although you are excited for the school year to come to an end, appreciate those little ones that you get to have in your class with you every day for just a bit longer!

I showed my appreciation for my little guys with these:

I wanted them to know how proud they have made me this year, but I couldn't do it without a pun (which the kids totally expect from me now)!

I originally went to Target to get the $1 boxes of chalk, but the store I went to was all out. I was racking my brain while I searched the racks in the dollar spot for another idea. I turned the corner and saw the brightly colored bubbles... 3 for $1... and the rest is history!

I like this idea better than my original idea, and it ended up being cheaper! If you'd like to make these for your students as well, you can purchase the gift bag labels in my teachers pay teachers store (just click the picture below)! I chose to add in the Blow Pop and the Double Bubble, ya know... to really get my pun point across, but it works with any of those items! I also used "gussett style 4" x 2" x 9" cello bags" from Amazon, but any clear gift bag in a similar size will work!

Purchase Gift Bag Label

Don't worry, I didn't forget my wonderful co-workers that helped me make it through! Details about their punny gifts, coming soon!