Tuesday, May 28

Teacher Talk Tuesday: P is for Peanuts and Plants!

Have you heard of "Teacher Talk Tuesday"?... Michelle over at Apples and ABC's along with another blog have designated Tuesdays for teachers to post pictures of what they are doing in their classrooms on Instagram and hash tag it #teachertalktuesday.  Today I was excited because I finally found a use for the peanut erasers I found at the target dollar spot.  I had no idea what to do with them, but I had to have them (and a lot of them!)... I think it's funny that Greg has just stopped questioning my reason for buying things at the dollar spot, he just quietly examined the package of peanut erasers and rolled his eyes... 

Here is my #teachertalktuesday:

We're working on greater than, less than, and equal to.  I made little elephant cards with the symbols on them (and the words on the back) instead of the usual alligator that we used earlier in the year because, didn't you know, elephants love peanuts! The kids rolled dice, chose the two different amounts of peanuts, and had to figure out which sign completed the equation correctly. 

We're also working on plants, and if you are too, check out my life cycle of a plant packet on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I have all of the activities from this packet set up in my classroom and...

...last week we observed different types of plants outside... we were able to sneak out in between rain showers.  I used the awesome clipboards I got in the... everyone together now... TARGET DOLLAR SPOT (duh!).  I plan on Modge Podging something to go along with my classroom movie theme on them eventually.

So there you have it, P is for plants and peanuts!

What are you working on?
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Saturday, May 4

Oh, HOPPY Day!

I am SUPER EXCITED! I just made my first packet for Teachers Pay Teachers!  We are learning about animals and life cycles in my kindergarten class, but I hated the pictures that were provided in the curriculum binder!  I decided to make something that better fit my own style and VOILA...

... my "Life Cycle of a Frog" packet was born (no pun intended)!

Here's what's included:
  • Page 1: Life cycle poster
  • Page 2-5: Life cycle stages writing pages
  • Page 6: Life cycle stages cards
  • Page 7-8: Word wall cards with pictures
  • Page 9-12: Memory matching game
  • Page 13-18: Large bulletin board pictures (eggs, tadpole, froglet, frog, arrow) & word cards.
  • Page 19: Life cycle fill-in worksheet
  • Page 20-25: Pattern strips and cards (pre-made and blank)
If you're interested you can buy the packet at my store... then check out Scrappin Doodles, where I get some of my awesome clip art (until I finally figure out how to make my own)! I will be making this packet for the life cycle of a chicken, ladybug, butterfly, plant... and possibly a fish. 

If there is something you want included in the packet, but don't see, let me know! I would love to create something to meet your personal classroom needs... suggestions are definitely welcome!!

HOPPY Saturday... sorry, not sorry!