Sunday, March 2

Bird Bath

Good News: We bought a house!
Bad News: I haven’t posted on the blog since August... eek, that's 7 months...
Good News: I just updated the blog, it’s got a whole new look… and WE HAVE A HOUSE!!

I know I've mentioned how much I wanted a house in multiple blog posts, and maybe you were sick of hearing it, but I am not going to stop the house talk anytime soon! Our house journey began with Greg downloading all the fun house apps on the iPad, like and Zillow, in January of 2013 ... I couldn’t be bothered searching for houses that would probably be sold before we could get them because I didn’t want to be disappointed. It was when we started the pre-qualification paperwork, mid July, that I started to get excited because it was actually real… we were doing grown-up loan stuffs and everything! We looked at our first houses mid August and were officially homeowners on September 18th! When we started the house search we weren’t expecting to find anything right away, but we got really lucky… they even moved the closing date up, so the house was ours 2 days earlier than expected! We found a house in the town we wanted, one that we don’t have to do any work on, and I finally have my craft room! Perfect!

So that’s where I have been… lots of painting, not enough unpacking, and many, many "holy expletives"… because we finally have a HOUSE! (Greg would probably say, “and lots of leaving lights on in rooms you are no longer in”). 

We still have LOTS to do, but I do have one room that seems to be complete ( I can, and will, always find something else to do).  Here is our bird themed bathroom…

I bought the shower curtain rings and all the hooks from target.  When I saw them on an end cap, I had a heart attack then threw everything in my cart without looking at the prices.  This was pre-house, of course... now I have to watch my budget... bleh.  I bought the canvases at TJ Maxx, also pre-house.  (I started house buying 2-3 years ago, haha... I had so many bins I took over the shed at my parent's house.  They loved it... now they have so much space they don't even know what to do with it). I got one ball jar from my nana, one from Greg's grandmother, and one from a flea market. The Q-Tip and cotton ball jars are just recycled Bath & Body Works candle jars... my best friend has a candle obsession and saves the jars for me... they will be all over my house! I had Greg add a shelf above the cabinet so I could add the baskets for storage and still have a spot for knick-knacks... pedestal sinks are pretty, but they don't offer very much storage.  The frame is also from TJ Maxx... yep, you guessed it, bought pre-house.  I made the art inside the frame. 

I love this bathroom art!  I had this frame empty for a while, but couldn't think of what to put in it.  I searched online for some inspiration and found a few things similar to this, but I made this one all on my own.  Here's what it looks like as a digital file... wish I had a better printer (hear that, Greg? Add "super fancy printer" to your secret gift list on your phone)!
So that is our bathroom.  We are taking a week off from work this month, we'll be celebrating our 12 year anniversary by working on the house! So if all goes as planned, and we're not too distracted by our new couch and DVR'd shows, I will have more to show you soon!  What projects are you working on right now? 

P.S. Can you guess my favorite color?