Thursday, August 2

Break Fast for Breakfast : Egg Muffins

The way I eat throughout the day usually depends on what my morning breakfast is.  I have that little voice in my head that will either say, "Whelp, you've already had that Bruegger's for breakfast, why not Chili's for lunch... I can eat the lunch I packed tomorrow" or "You had a good breakfast, let's keep it going... eat the healthy lunch you packed".  So why would I even consider DD or Bruegger's?  I don't always have time in the morning to make a good breakfast (if I know I can sleep a little longer, I am going to sleep a little longer... this is why morning workouts never happen), and there are only so many Chobanis I can eat a week.

Don't worry! Pinterest and Google have enhanced my life again!  I researched easy breakfasts and found a ton of variations on egg muffins!  These little guys can be made ahead of time in a muffin pan and packed like BAM! in the morning.  The thing that I really like about these is how customizable they are!  So far I have made 3 different variations... 2 with turkey sausage on the bottom (peppers & onion and mushroom, onion, & hot sauce) and one with turkey bacon (kalamata olive, feta, & tomato).  

These muffins have been a bit of a trial and error.  The first batch I sprayed the muffin pan with cooking spray and they came out well... there weren't any big pieces in the pan, but it left a layer of egg that was so hard to clean off.  The second batch I used muffin liners and they came out of the pan fine, without leaving anything behind, but the egg stuck to the liner a bit.  The next batch I make I will use muffin liners sprayed with cooking spray and hopefully they will be perfect.

Put the turkey sausage in the bottom of the muffins and pour the egg on top.

For the turkey bacon muffins, I cut each piece of bacon in half, criss-crossed it on the bottom of the muffin liners and poured the eggs on top of that (I didn't take pictures while I was preparing the turkey bacon muffins). I cooked both batches at 350 and just kept an eye on them.  When they are done they won't look gooey anymore, they'll look like cooked eggs (duh).  I kept them in a container in the fridge and heated them up in the microwave.

I have kept these for 4 days in the refrigerator and they tasted great.  I haven't tried freezing these, but I think it's good idea if you plan to make more than one tray at a time. 

These are some egg muffins I plan to make in the future:
  • black bean, corn, & salsa
  • spinach, tomato, onion, & feta
  • broccoli, cheddar, & onion
 What kind of egg muffins would you make?

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