Saturday, September 29

Freckles & Cat Eyes

Makeup is an obsession of mine.  In particular, Urban Decay eye shadow palettes.  I have way too many... I am almost embarrassed to admit how many... AND THEN they had a sale on individual shadows... so I had to buy those too (I can't pass up a sale)... eeeek! I LOVE IT! 

This is an Instagram of a few angles of my UD collection... a few less shadows, palettes, and face makeup ago.  I had 2 eye shadow casualties this day, so I won't be having another photo shoot any time soon! 

Since I love playing with makeup, I figured I'd do a post on my go to makeup look for a night out.  WARNING: you are about to see a lot of my face... and awkward half smiles... and a possible lazy eye... haha


Whoopsiedoodles, I forgot lip gloss!
So there you have it! My go-to makeup routine.  
You may not notice a big difference with each different application, but its subtle buildable coverage.  I love the products I use because they don't cover all of my freckles.  I was always jealous of those that got to use a liquid foundation, but now I've found the right one for me!

Here's where I get everything:
I'm definitely not a makeup artist, but playing with makeup is so much fun... and I've had a few people ask me to do their makeup (which is so flattering)... but really scary because doing makeup on someone else is so different... and hilarious!  Go on YouTube, watch some tutorials (my favorite is Kandee Johnson), just have fun with makup...

I have this new palette to start playing with!

What's your favorite makeup?

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