Tuesday, April 21

Shine Bright Like a... Wood Floor

I am super excited to share an awesome discovery with you!!!
April break just ended and there are a few projects that I started... and many more projects waiting to be started.  However, it was 2 nights ago... the last night of April break, that I started a project that has me so excited! 
That's right, we shined up our hardwood floors... and I know... you're wondering if I've won the lottery because there is no way this "almost teacher" could afford to get all of her hardwood floors refinished! Well, I haven't won the lottery... just yet, but I did get beautiful looking floors, on a budget! 

A while back, Greg mentioned to me that he had bought a kit to restore the shine to our hardwood floors.  He also explained we'd have to move our furniture when we decided to do it. At that point the floor project it was put on the back burner, because I have been hoarding tastefully collecting furniture to refinish and it's scattered all around the house. 

This past weekend, while I was downstairs cleaning, Greg decided to start the flooring project because I had already swept, vacuumed, and steam mopped the whole upstairs (nothing like a "last day of April break" cleaning frenzy).  When I came upstairs to see the half of the kitchen that Greg had completed, I was IMPRESSED! I immediately forgot about the mess downstairs, and said, "let's do my craft room next!", and so we did!

Greggy- Poo hard at work shining my craft room floor!
 It's really easy! You can do it this weekend! Here are the steps we took.
We used the Bona Hardwood Floor Care System {about $20} to prep the floors,  Minwax Hardwood Floor Reviver {about $20} to get our floors shiny again, and a Bona Reusable Microfiber Mop Pad {about $6} to apply the Minwax... all purchased from Lowe's! We will have to buy another bottle of the Minwax to complete the project, so 2 bottles should complete 3 rooms, a bathroom, living room, kitchen, and hallway. 

A common question I've been asked is if the floors were slippery after we did this.  I have found that the floors actually have more grip now that we have done this treatment, whereas before, we had certain {death} spots that were super slippery and almost caused me to break my neck on multiple occasions. 

This treatment can be repeated every 6 months.  I think this would be great for someone selling their house, someone who just purchased their house, or someone doing some last minute cleaning before going back to school (hehe, thats me!)

So, are you super pumped so "refinish" your hardwood floors?!

 Check out this beaut I snagged for $20 hanging out on the {shiny} kitchen floor (don't tell Greg I put her there).  I will be painting this and adding gems... and finally my kitchen chandelier dreams will come true.

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