Saturday, June 30

Hello Old Friend...

Yesterday was my favorite day of the year... MY BIRTHDAY! Usually my boyfriend and I plan a weekend trip somewhere because his birthday is the day before mine (his grandmother's favorite party story).  This year, however, I was too busy to plan anything ahead of time because I was preparing for the Foundations of Reading Test and Praxis II.  (Oh, I forgot to mention, when I said my boyfriend and I usually plan something I really meant I always plan something)... SO this year we didn't go to Boston, Misquamicut, or even the casino... we went to The Melting Pot with my family, my best friend... and my birthday hat. 

So here's to you birthday hat... my old friend, for being there through the years... even this year when we didn't do anything fancy!

... and I can't forget Greg and Nikki... my real best friends! Thanks for always being there for me... love yous!

Do you have any staple items that have made it through the years with you?

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