Tuesday, July 3


Water... (insert water haiku here).  What can I say about water?  Water is quite boring, but it's SO SO good for you.  I've been trying to drink more water on my quest to be healthier, but I always end up chugging way too much way too fast and then I have to, ah-hem, run to the ladies room.  This wouldn't be a problem for most people, maybe just a little annoying, BUT I work at daycare and have to page for bathroom breaks.  I HAVE TO ASK PERMISSION TO PEE... ugh... and sometimes most of the time no one even comes. 

BUT ALAS!! I have found a solution that has been working really well for me (and it involves a bit of bedazzling!)

I bought three bottles for $5 each and some stick on gems from Target (the bottles just so happened to match my lunch containers that I got at Home Goods... pure bliss).  I divided the water bottles by hours in the day so that I drink a certain amount of water by a certain time.  I have to finish the green bottle by 11 a.m. , the pink bottle by 3 p.m. , and the blue bottle by 7 p.m.  With the water bottles I am drinking at least 96 ounces of water a day (sometimes more)!! I have found that by spacing out my water consumption I do not have to go to the bathroom as often as I did when I was chugging Poland Springs. These bottles are so quick and easy to make!! Cheers, to more water!

Anyone else have any tricks for making water more fun?

The original idea I found pinned on Pinterest (follow me) from: http://undressedskeleton.tumblr.com/


  1. I wish there was a like button on here Shan! This really is a genius idea, and your bottles are so pretty too! Can I hire you to make me some bottles?!

    1. Of course! I still have some sticky gems haha!