Monday, July 16

Summer Eats

This month has been packed with fun activities and I've been seeing a lot of my best friend Nikki, which has been awesome!  So far I have:
  • Eaten a 5.3 pound lobster
  • Gone to a 4th of July party
  • Gone on a mini shopping spree
  • Gone to a surprise birthday party 
  • Gone to the beach
  • Tried veggie cheese and pepperoni
  • Made cupcakes for a baby shower
  • Gone to a belated birthday dinner
  • Had a BBQ/camp fire party
  • Made burger cupcakes
  • Made antipasto skewers
  • Played "Dream Phone"
  • Gone to a winery
  • Eaten the best garlic knots EVER
... just to name a few things ;) ... here's a visual of some of my July excitement:

Lots of summer fun and delicious-ness... and although the 5.3lb lobster was my favorite, I had a lot of fun making antipasto skewers and hamburger cupcakes to share with my friends...

Feel free to print these recipe cards so that you can share some delicious food with your friends too!

Now on to the next half of July...

What are your favorite summer eats or activities?
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