Saturday, March 23

Bunnies... All Day, Everyday

It's been all about bunnies since my trip to Walmart where I found Easter egg carrots (which led to many other purchases... picture me running through the Easter aisles throwing things into my cart... laughing a crazy teacher laugh... mwah haha)!  I knew they'd be perfect as a center for my students, and since we're working on addition and subtraction I went with that.  Here is the game I came up with!

Along with the carrot eggs (haha ew) I bought a bunny jacks game.  I wrote numbers on the feet of all the bunnies (1-8).  A bunny went into each carrot ( a little ironic, huh?) and the carrots went into a basket that looks like a picket fence with green Easter grass.  The kids had to pick 2 carrots and write the numbers on the bunnies in the boxes.  They used red bingo chips to help them add the numbers, and the answer was written on the last bunny.  The kids really liked it, it always makes me happy when they ask if they can do another worksheet.  I have a subtraction version that I haven't used in the classroom yet. 

Sticking with the bunny theme I made another addition game.  This one uses dice, or cards, and the students have to "build a bunny".  Each sum that they roll represents a bunny body part that they have to draw onto their bunny.   The student that gets each every number and completes their bunny first is the winner!

I am going to use this on Monday, so I'll let everyone know how it goes!  You  can always check out my TpT store!

Do you have any fun holiday activities that you're excited about?!

I used my "Build a Bunny" worksheet with my students! They turned out really cute!

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