Tuesday, March 26

Leaping Lily Pads... Frogs Eat Mushrooms?

Did you know frogs eat mushrooms?  I didn't either, but I didn't have any other erasers... what?!  HAHA, let me explain... so I made a frog math game and planned to put little bug erasers inside the frogs that I bought at Walmart, but they didn't have any at the store.  I thought that someone might have some fake bugs at work, but no luck there either.  I had these cute mushrooms erasers from Oriental Trading, so I decided that frogs eat mushrooms (I have since Googled this fact, and some sites say yes... some say no...).  Here is my "Leaping Lily Pad Lineup" game!

Students choose a frog from the "pond" (made with scented, YES scented, iridescent blue Easter grass) and count the mushrooms inside.  They write the number in the frog's tummy on the worksheet and then write the next four numbers that come after their chosen number on the lily pads.  We're still working on adding and subtracting, so this was great practice for number writing and counting. You can buy this worksheet at my TpT store!

I was finally able to test out my "Build a Bunny" game with the kids today!

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