Tuesday, April 23

Gettin' Skinny with It!

Seriously, if you haven't heard of skinnytaste.com you really need to head over there (after browsing here, of course!)  Gina, at skinnytaste.com, makes tons of amazingly delicious AND healthy recipes!  Her meals make portion control a breeze and she even calculates the Weight Watchers points, old and new, for everything she posts.  Lately, all of my meals have been coming from skinnytaste.com, and I have loved them all (Greg too)!  Even if I am not making an exact recipe, I am using skills and techniques that I have learned from the site.    Here are just a few of the things that I have made either from Gina's recipes, or that have been inspired by her cooking  (yup, I am one of those people who takes pics of their food).

... I can't wait for the day Greg and I have our own place so I can cook in our very own kitchen! Anyone want to trade a house for a delicious bowl of mac & cheese?

Haha, do you have any favorite cooking blogs?

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