Monday, March 2

Write Your Story...

What good is a blog if you're not writing in it?

My last post was 7 months after we got our house!  It is now 17 months after we got our house, and I still haven’t been posting! Lots of things have changed, and to be honest, thinking about posting on the blog stressed me out, and made me feel guilty… we had so many things to unpack and I needed to get serious about getting a job at a public school. I couldn’t bring myself to sit down and pretend my life was in order, when it wasn’t… so the blog went into hibernation.

It is now getting close to the end winter (i hope)... unfortunately Chuckles the groundhog predicted six more weeks of cold and snow, and I have had SO many snow days.  Some of you may be thinking to yourselves, “Shannon… snow days? You work at KinderCare, how can you possibly have so many snow days… they never close?!” And that is just the thing, friends… I no longer work at KinderCare! I was able to get a job at a local public school! I am still working toward that full-time classroom job, but I AM IN A PUBLIC SCHOOL!  It is such an amazing thing, when you’re at a place in your life when you reach a goal that you have been working towards for so long.  You think about all the times you were in major freak-out mode, and realize it was all worth it (don’t try to tell me that during a freak-out, though).  Those “fall into place” moments are wonderfully calming… annnnd the snow days, that I mentioned earlier, have helped a lot too.  I have had so much time to clean, sort, and organize! My craft room is 100% up and running… and decorated to boot!

So here I am, closer to my career than I have ever been, in our house, it’s a snow day and I’m ready to write and take this blog out of hibernation (even though hibernation is meant for the winter)! I have done a lot of DIY-ing, cooking, crafting… you name it… and I can’t wait to share it all with you! Thanks for you patience, it feels good to be back... I'm ready to start writing my story again...

Enjoy this tour of the craft room!

These are the before pictures! The color of the room is closest to the bottom picture. I get so frustrated when I can't capture the true color of something on my camera!

This is my main desk, I am sitting at right now! I am constantly rearranging the shelves.

I keep crafting supplies in this cabinet, as well as the cabinet in the picture below.
This is the desk were I do nail art and keep all the makeup I don't use on a daily basis.
I keep teaching supplies in these cabinets.  These boxes from IKEA are awesome!

These are some detail shots of things in the room.

I already have plans for my next addition to the room.  I just picked up an ugly duckling filing cabinet the other day that I plan to re-paint and add to the room... I just need this snow to stop so I can start all my painting projects!

What craft projects do you have in the works? I'd love to see your craft spaces!

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