Tuesday, July 28

Whatever Will 'B', Will 'B'...

This summer has been a bit of an adventure for me. In this short summer,  I have learned a lot about life.  I have experienced the loss of a loved one, the birth of a few new best friends, and I made it to my {first} 29th birthday. This summer has given me time to reflect on how amazingly beautiful and heartbreaking life can be, and how lucky I am to be here. I have an education, a house, a wonderful family, an incredible boyfriend, and life long friends. I suppose, at my age, it is normal to start thinking about life. We are reaching so many different milestones... things we have dreamt about since childhood! I am so thankful to be reaching (or at least getting closer to) these milestones with a group of wonderful friends by my side. You've heard the song, "Que Sera, Sera"? Well, I am content in knowing that whatever will be, will be along with the people I care about the most!

In this post, I'd like to celebrate new life by talking about about a little "Baby B's" shower that I helped plan! My friend Maria is a pioneer of sorts, as she seems to be at the helm, leading us through these major life milestones! She was engaged and married first... and, most recently, she just had a baby on June 1st (I thought the baby may have had my birthday... June 28th... Maria did NOT like that prediction)!

When Maria told us she was pregnant there were tears of joy... and then when we found out she was having a girl... there were more tears, and squeals of excitement that we were truly having a "girl's lunch"!

How cute is this gender reveal scratch off card Maria gave us?!

Of course, I immediately began to think about Maria's shower, so we teamed up with her mom.  This brought us all back to high school when we would invite ourselves over Maria's house all the time! Maria mentioned she would want a Classic Winnie the Pooh theme. This is even more adorable because their last name begins with "B, and we referred to the baby as "Baby B" the whole pregnancy.  "B"s and Pooh Bear... perfect match! We painted these adorable "hunny" pots (got the idea here) ... and of course, there were plenty of laughs and snacks!

I was given pieces of wood from a friend that used them at her wedding. Kristen picked up the wood and then her husband made some cupcake tiers out of them (thank you for making my vision come to life!) I also glued tissue paper on branches to look like flower buds. I was going for a "100 Aker Wood" look.

Obsessed with Eeyore doing a headstand over there on the left!
I printed out Classic Pooh Bear characters onto white card stock and glued them onto toothpicks for simple decorations. I finally got to use my "grass" piping tip that Greg got me a while ago (after listening to me complain about how I couldn't make grass for my Truffula tree cupcakes for my Dr. Seuss themed kindergarten graduation... I make gift giving so easy for him). I found the edible bees at Walmart and piped some hives for them to sit upon (the frosting wasn't as thick as I would have liked it to be, so the hives weren't as tall).



For the centerpieces we kept it simple.  Framed quotes or images on the wood pieces, along with the "hunny" pots.

The favors were little jars of honey (Maria's mom's brilliant idea).  We topped the jar with bumblebee fabric and attached a tag with twine.  


I also created some games for guests to play at the table. Personally, I do not love shower games that require you to get up and do things. I like to chit chat! Maria also requested that we not play the "what's in the dirty diaper?" game or make anyone drink from baby bottles... not that I would have done that in the first place (ew)!

ugh, number 7 is supposed to be 'onesie', but I left out an 'e' on half of the cards... so 'noise' works!
Of course there were presents... and of course I wrapped mine in a super cute way ;)


Want to know what I got for Maria? Next blog post I'll have a wonderful baby shower DIY for you!

Here's a clue:

Any guesses?


  1. Just adorable!!! PS is Jayne from Chalk Mercantile :)

    1. Thanks Jayne!

      p.s. How do the pictures look, should I edit them anymore?